Words and Dreams and Memories

by dozer

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Dozer's second album, released in August 2016.


released August 3, 2016

Jacob Jaffe (baritone guitar, vocals, harmonica, organ)
Jade Tcimpidis (bass & vocals)
Willa Goettling (Drums)

Recorded by Nich Wilbur with assistance from Shannon Kerrigan at the Unknown in Anacortes, WA June 2016. Mixed by Nich, Shannon, and Dozer. Art + design by Willa.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


dozer Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: 1,000 Emos
i feel a thousand emotions
and each one overwhelming
fear, joy, confusion and sorrow
i could shed a tear for
every time i try to cry and nothing escapes my lips but
a dry heave and a whimper
save each salty teardrop for
deliverance to thirsty plants
the flora just wanna dance
it's vegetables' romance

consider life as a turtle
swimming in the ocean
on PBS it looks pretty peaceful
but i bet that one hundred
years of turtle life contains the highest highs and lowest lows
beyond my imagination
stuck inside this human shell
and confined to my use of words
i'll save 'em for the birds
who repeat all they've heard
Track Name: Gone Fishing
it's just a place to make my own
i guess you could call it a home
there's no one else here in my zone
i'm alone

i close my eyes, now i can see
the ocean glow majestically
i'm not that far out, only
lost at sea
gone fishing

this love seat has two seat cushions
one for me, one for a friend
presumably, but who wants an invitation

sing along, bad power pop
dance alone until i drop
close my eyes and drift away
out to sea
gone fishing
Track Name: Joke for One
"did you notice how i cut my hair today?"
dad said beneath his balding wig
and on his face, a goofy grin

joke for one, just as much fun

i was watching in the diner as they sat
an obscure reference falling flat
Jerry's jokes still make me laugh

joke for one, just as much fun

speaking about my favorite show
I reenact the episode
look up, but no one seems to know

joke for one, just as much fun

easy buzz of the bookstore busted by
"Jews Without Money" on a spine
split my sides, but no one's got the time

joke for one, just as much fun
Track Name: In Defense of Typos
i meant to place a period
but from my fingertips replied
a comma, so calm and a
quick thought inspired me to sing

i might have placed parentheses
but i mean everything i write
and no statement, however trim
deserves to stand in dimmer light

in defense of typos

i almost put quotation marks
in a strange voice made my remark
the words not mine, now i decide
to speak the way i hear my heart

in defense of typos
Track Name: Eat Some Food
i wanna eat some food

another summer morning caught me sleeping in
my eyes now wide awake, the feeling rushes in
time to eat, exactly what it's hard to say
still surprises me that i get hungry every day for food

i wanna eat some food

michael always puts the slices in the fridge
the spoils of working at World Pizza's late night shift
and from the coffee shops, the cookies chocolate chunk
oh, to make a balanced meal, or give it up and eat junk food

i wanna eat some food
Track Name: Words & Memories & Dreams
feeling socially aware
close my eyes, ignore what's there
words and dreams and memories

prance around in high school jeans
ready to rip at the seams
words and memories and dreams

like a child, still i burn
even though next year i turn
thirty years, this game's a joke

line up all my glasses frames
face shapes and prescriptions change
still my bifocals remain
Track Name: Caveman
i'm a caveman

quit my job to clean my room, soon
i'll be starting at the moon
if i ever leave this love seat
if i find something to eat

i'm a caveman

this fear of heights means i dig deep
when i finally get to sleep
strong convictions that i keep
like hidden cards far up my sleeve

i'm a caveman
Track Name: Red Light
i learned not to throw
anymore birthday parties for myself
racing towards a red light

don't they always go
oh so wrong, though you planned it all yourself
racing towards a red light

in the right bike lane
four wheel drives zipping by like they're running late
racing towards a red light

now behind the wheel
foot on the gas, nobody ever thought you'd pass
racing towards a red light